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The Phlebotomy Textbook

The Phlebotomy Textbook

I found this textbook to be a real bonus for my phlebotomy class. It had plenty of illustrations that complemented the text. I wound up getting an A in the class so I think the book is worth the money!"--Amazon Reviewer

Used this whole training for phlebotomy! Such a helpful informative book!"--Stacy T., Amazon Reviewer

Great book for a phlebotomy class. ...lots of tips and warnings along with pertinent information and pictures."--Amazon Reviewer

Enter the classroom and the laboratory with confidence!

Rely on this comprehensive resource to master the techniques you need to safely obtain quality specimens. You'll understand all the hows and whys that lead to success in this rapidly changing field.

Inside, you'll find the up-to-date coverage of routine procedures and their complications as well specialized procedures, quality and infection control, state-of-the-art equipment, medical terminology, ethical and legal issues, body systems, and related diagnostic laboratory tests. Videos and animations online help you to excel.

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